About Italiano Avanzato

The Italian language course with certified Italian tutors

More than a school, Italiano Avanzato is the online Italian language course you’ve been waiting for.

Here you can find a huge range of individual and group courses and activities in Italian to improve your skills and your style. Italiano Avanzato was created is specialised in online Italian language lessons to students of all levels.

Perfect for beginners (A1-A2), intermediates (B1, B2) and advanced (C1-C2). We combine the professionalism of our certified teachers with the convenience and flexibility of online lessons.

In a very difficult time for schools and for society in general, in 2020 we decided to focus our efforts and our passion in teaching the Italian language in this project, through online Italian language courses with certified tutors and the best tools. digital available

The Italian language is a never ending journey!

Individual courses, group courses, activities and preparation for certification exams: everything is online and designed to offer what a simple language school cannot give you.
Our students are people of all ages and countries, extremely motivated to take the fateful step forward in this complex but beautiful language. They are men and women, boys and girls, curious and open, eager to have a good chat as well as to perform a careful grammar study. Italiano Avanzato is not just an online Italian language course, but a guided journey into a language full of surprises!

Technology at our service

Digital tools

Corso online di italiano

With its sharing tools and digital whiteboard, it is a free, intuitive and dynamic platform used for our online lessons.

Corso online di italiano

Here you will receive all the material used day after day:
slides, pdf, audios. 
Everything is cataloged and ordered in a precise way, and can be consulted 
at any time

Learning has never been easier

Italiano Avanzato's method


  • Individual Italian language courses, or group courses with a maximum number of students. All online!
  • Analysis and reuse of typical Italian expressions and metaphors.
  • Expressing and arguing one’s opinion through the most suitable conjunctions and pronouns.
  • Expansion of basic vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms.
  • Improve not only grammar, but also the style of your communication.
  • Approfondimento della lingua italiana formale.


  • Group activities such as Cineforum and Book Club.
  • Italian language lessons recorded (with prior consent) and available for consultation.
  • Use of exclusively authentic material, intended for Italian native speakers: newspaper articles, documents, dialogues, videos, songs.
  • Focus on both oral Italian and written Italian: discussions and writing of texts will be fundamental.
  • Weekly tasks and simulations.

Download the regulation of Italiano Avanzato